S-H Cashmere Casual Jacket Colour Customised
S-H Cashmere Casual Jacket Colour Customised
Casual Jacket Chest Pocket green S-H Cashmere
Casual Jacket green-coloured S-H Cashmere iPad Pocket


Suvretta Double Sided Cashmere Casual Jacket

2.900,00  including 19% VAT. Plus delivery.

  • Casual Jacket – Customised to your specifications
  • NOTE: The choice of colour of the outer side of the jacket is yours. The colour of the inner side of the jacket is Wine Red. Our Atelier is at your disposal for personal consultation regarding colour selection.
  • On our product pictures we show the Casual Jacket in Dark Green on the outer side and in Wine Red on the inner side.
  • Outer side: finest 100% S-H Cashmere in the colour of your choice
  • Inner side: finest 100% S-H Cashmere in Wine Red
  • Optional detachable Fur Set (Ruff, Collar, Yoke)
  • Detachable hood
  • High quality cashmere: 410-450 g/m²
  • An F-SIS (FUR-SET INDIVIDUALISATION SYSTEM) Certified Product. Individualisation options are available for compatible products such as F-SIS Fur Ruffs, Collars and Yokes in seven types of fur, faux fur and leather (at additional cost). Order your options here.
  • ‘CRESTA KISS‘ (3-layer) elbow protection
  • 2 cashmere lined ammunition-style pockets in iPad format (max. 9,7″, iPad Air / Air 2)
    • – with 2 zippered safety pockets
    • – with detachable carabiner for securing your car keys
  • 1 breast pocket with inner compartment
  • 1 inside pocket with safety zipper and pen holder
  • 1 individually adjustable drawstring for thermal insulation (hips)
  • 3 large leather-covered buttons suitable for use with winter gloves
  • Detachable coat hanger carabiner (S-H SURESNAP certified)
  • Personalised name label (calfskin leather)
  • Massive XL wooden atelier hanger with velvet-covered trouser rail
  • 100% cotton XL garment bag with elaborate embroidery and XL zipper
  • 100% satin XL travel bag with elaborate embroidery and metal adjusters
  • 2 cashmere handkerchiefs (20x20cm)
  • Calfskin luggage tag
  • The ‘Rider‘ sculpture key fob
  • Fabric-covered 1930s vintage XXL coffee table book box
  • Free inspection and dry cleaning after 5 years
  • Product Weight: 2kg
  • Product Measurements: 53cm x 85cm x 5cm

  • F-SIS Logo
  • Sure Snap Logo

* This delivery time is valid only for standard delivery within Germany. For delivery times for other shipping methods or delivery times to other countries please click on Shipping Conditions


For the individualist who takes the time and has the vision to create a distinctive Casual Jacket, configuring the Suvretta Casual Jacket with his preferred outer fabric colour.

We were inspired by one of the most exclusive, oldest and most dangerous winter sports in the Swiss Alpine region: skeleton sled racing.

The symbiosis of sporty elegance and a confident business look away from the track makes for an impressive appearance virtually year round.

Experience momentum: Our Casual Jacket with 100% S-H Cashmere outer fabric in the colour of your choice and 100% S-H Cashmere inner fabric in Wine Red, with calfskin label and multifunctional pockets.

An S-H Cashmere Hood detachable via our F-SIS (FUR-SET INDIVIDUALISATION SYSTEM) protects you against cold air and snow in cold winter months.

You can customize this product with various Fur Sets. Dress to fit the occasion: Raccoon, Coyote, Rex Rabbit, Fur, Persian Lamb, artificial fur as well as cowhide instead of fur (additional charge).

Our Atélier is at your disposal for personal consultation regarding colour selection.

You may request a digital overview of a selection of samples by e-mail. This selection can also be found further below on this page. Please enjoy reading all about our casual jacket, which we have presented below in magazine format.

Please send your colour selection number to our individualised consultation.

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Cashmere Colour Swatches

S-H Cashmere Colour Selection 01

Cashmere Colour Swatches

S-H Cashmere Colour Selection 02

Your Personal Colour Selection

Colour Palettes

Choose your favourite from the following colours:

S-H Cashmere Colour Selection 01

37 – Light Grey
38 – Medium Grey
25 – Dark Grey
04 – Blue Grey
16 – Beige
01 – Super Light Brown
11 – Light Brown
42 – Yellow
46 – Chocolate Brown
09 – Medium Brown
07 – Wine Red
44 – Purple

S-H Cashmere Colour Selection 02

43 – Light Green
41 – Turquoise
19 – Ocean Blue
32 – Cyan Blue
47 – Moss Green
03 – Olive Green
13 – Velvet Blue
02 – Cosmos Black

Cashmere goat Mongolia

The Cashmere Goat


Intimately connected with a living tradition and innovative technology.

Cashmere with a fibre density of 450 g/m²

• breathable and soft to the touch
• heat insulating
• virtually no static charge

Whether rain, sleet, bitter cold or frosty wind gusts, our S-H Cashmere warms your body even in the worst weather conditions.

Our carefully selected cashmere has a fibre density of 450 g/m², creating a windproof woven barrier from pure natural fibre. Cashmere wool fibre is only seven to nineteen microns in diameter.

By comparison, conventional wool fibre is more than thirty-six microns in diameter, two to five times thicker, resulting in a more porous weave.

Our Casual Jackets are lined with S-H Cashmere as well, allowing a quicker breathable reaction to perspiration in comparison to synthetic materials.

Four meters of this high-quality cashmere are used to make our Casual Jackets. This keeps you dry both on and off the race track.

Cashmere Goat Fur

Cashmere Hair

Cashmere fabric closeup

Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere Wool

Cashmere wool comes from the hair of the Cashmere goat.

This fine and extremely soft fibre is obtained not by shearing but by hand combing and hand collecting the hair shed by the Cashmere goat during spring moulting.

Only 150 to 200 grams of this fluffy wool can be obtained from each animal per year. This modest yield from time-intensive and highly skilled manual labour in remote regions makes cashmere the most valuable wool in the world.

We Care

Old values revived. We want to celebrate the handover experience in style and with the values of past couture houses. This includes the following classics:

  • Solid S-H Atélier Clothes Hanger

    Designer Wooden Hanger

    Your Casual Jacket is complemented with a solid S-H Atelier Clothes Hanger made of real wood with velvet trouser rail.

  • Satin Bag with Metal Slider and Embroidery

    Satin Clothing Bag

    Your accessoires are compactly packaged for shipment in an embroidered Sven-Holger 100% Satin Clothing Bag with Drawstring which can be used as a high quality laundry or garment bag.

  • Satin Button and Travel Pouch


    We provide spare buttons for your Casual Jacket in a pouch made of 100% satin with drawstring and embroidery. It is the perfect small item convenience Travel Pouch for trips.

  • Studio Hanging Tag

    Metal Hang Tag

    The massive Studio Hanging Tag is a salute to our Berlin studio, useful as a paperweight or bookmark in your house.

  • Calfskin Luggage Tag

    As a token of our appreciation you get an exclusive calfskin Sven-Holger Luggage Tag that helps you get your Suvretta Outdoor Casual Jacket back if you ever leave it behind in the lodge.

  • 'Rider' Key Fob

    In the left ammo-style pocket you get a filigreed ‘Rider’ Keychain, compliments of our Atélier.

  • 2 Handy Cashmere Handkerchiefs


    We thank you for your loyalty with two high quality 20x20cm Handy Cashmere Handkerchiefs in pure S-H cashmere with a calfskin label. Use them on trips, on the ski slopes and during sports as a faithful companion at your side.

Garment Bag
XL Atélier Garment Bag

XL Zipper in chrome finish

XL Atélier Garment Bag Embroidery

Macaw Embroidery

Kleidersack aus Baumwolle
XL Atélier Garment Bag

100% Cotton


XL Atélier Garment Bag

We deliver your Casual Jacket in S-H Cashmere – Colour Selection wrapped in our 100% cotton garment bag to protect it from dust.

The garment bag is furnished with an XL Zipper in chrome finish for an exceptionally elegant look.

It is roomy enough for additional pieces. We recommend storing your garment in this garment bag when not in use and when not stored at your furrier.

Our very special gift

All in one. We hand your Casual Jacket in S-H Cashmere - Colour Selection over to you in a linen-covered and embroidered Sven-Holger Vintage 1930s XXL Gift Box, a decorative eye-catcher as a coffee table box that offers plenty of space for your beautiful things.

Linen Gift Box

Sven-Holger Vintage XXL Gift Box