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Ladies and Gentlemen,

People love stories. You know this. You prove it with every new issue. Allow me a little summary of the story that our label tells.

It starts abruptly. In the middle. It speaks of a moment, yet one that need never end. Because it lets us feel how a powerful impulse of hopes, dreams and dedication can suddenly crystallise into reality. For those who know how it feels to ascend with the power of their own wings, it is a very personal and familiar one.

The way we dress is an unmistakable expression of who we are. For some it is a way of expressing that they live life fully – every second.

People generate their own momentum. We outfit them.

Behind the owner-operated Sven-Holger label is a versatile conversation partner and a clear message: Feel Momentum. A message laden with stories, themes and emotions.

For the launch of our Online Atélier for classic line & bespoke clothing, we are looking for strong partners who recognize the potential of our fashion label and would like to tell their readers about it before others do. In addition to our collection and its branded online store, we have a highly professional pool of pictures, an image film, good contacts with some figures in the public eye and various press articles.

Let’s talk about ‘Feel Momentum’ and sartorial talent, our steadfast commitment to the highest standards of excellence. Let’s talk about how our creations materialise the most intense moment of each design success story as Coutures Uniques and classic men’s garments. Yes, that is content marketing. Profit from it.

Collaboration with you would be important for our label and a responsibility we would gladly take on.

If this has awakened your interest, I would be happy to hear from you.

Thank you for your attention.

– Your Sven-Holger Atélier

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