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We are a company that lives the moment. And loves. The first heartbeat after a courageous decision. The sublime feeling when everything fits.
With our Atélier for Individualization, Limited Editions, Unique Coutures, Classic Wardrobe & Tailored Clothing we want to stand out by not being big and loud, but rather – small and quiet. We are too busy silently reinterpreting the handpicked art of tailoring.
To this end, we dedicate ourselves daily to the style itself and attach great importance to the development of unique pieces, personal consultation, aesthetic functionality, natural materials and above all to all the little things that are bigger than themselves.

People create momentum. People love stories. We dress them. The way we dress is a clear expression of who we are. A mindset.
Our online atelier exclusively presents our “Updrafts of Inspiration” collection with an exquisite selection in small quantities.

On a special occasion, we are honored to inform you that the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), founded in 1953, has approved our

Sven-Holger Reversible Suvretta Cashmere Parka

with the German Design Award Winner in the category Excellent Product Design | Luxury Goods have been awarded.

Feel Momentum.

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Take advantage of our personalised consulting. Design your customised garment together with us and make it absolutely yours.

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