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We are a company that lives and loves the moment. The first heartbeat after a courageous decision. The sublime feeling when everything fits.With our Atélier for individualisation, limited editions, Coutures Uniques, classic wardrobe & bespoke tailoring, we want to stand out not by being big and noisy, but small and quiet. We are busy reinterpreting the art of hand-crafted tailoring.
To accomplish this, we dedicate ourselves daily to style itself and attach great importance to the development of individual pieces, personal advice, aesthetic functionality, natural materials and especially to all the small things that are truly big things.

Our online Atélier is proud to present exclusively to our small circle the First Selling Season of our ‘Updrafts of Inspiration’ Winter Collection, with selected products in limited numbers.

Feel Momentum.

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Take advantage of our personalised consulting. Design your customised garment together with us and make it absolutely yours.

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