Feel Momentum

A Personal Note...

There are times when the world transforms in an instant. Something new suddenly crystallizes. That time is now. And rightly so.

There are people searching, sharing their awareness, knowing the power of their own wings. An upcurrent, then, for those who strive to fly.

The way we dress is an unmistakable expression of who we are. A staked claim. A mindset. Life is worth living fully – every second.

Sven-Holger’s portfolio is dedicated to using natural materials of the highest quality. Our bespoke clothing is complemented by classical lines. Carefully chosen limited run collections ensure an unparalleled level of quality – our steadfast commitment to you. Limited Editions & Coutures Uniques are where our studios shine in terms of individualisation.

As a manufacturer of well-considered designs and a crucible of outstanding tailoring, our production pool is comprised of carefully selected studios worldwide. At this moment, immersed in the historic ambiance of the Alte Senffabrik Berlin, where massive millstones once ground the farmer’s mustard seeds, our creators are busy designing garments for the self-reflective cosmopolitan.

Discover sophisticated style, high value, and uncompromising functionality – created for those who never cease to challenge themselves.


‘A garment earns our label only if it embodies perfection
the moment it sees the light of day.’

– Sven-Holger

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