Gold and Silver Cufflinks
Gold and Silver Cufflinks
Gold and Silver Cufflinks
Gold and Silver Cufflinks


Handcrafted by Bentley & Skinner (Bond Street Jewellers) Ltd., Jewellers by Royal Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales

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  • Each oval side of our 18-carat white gold handcrafted cufflinks is decorated with a relief image of the ‘Rider’ sculpture
  • After hand-cutting the discs from a solid sheet of 18-carat white gold, the sculpture is 3-D printed, cast in sterling silver, then coated with 18-carat yellow gold
  • The chain links connecting both sides of our cufflinks are manufactured, soldered and polished by hand
  • Our cufflinks are stamped ‘750’ (18-carat white gold) by the London Assay Office and display the Bentley & Skinner hallmark
  • Made to fit the normal buttonholes found on business or tuxedo shirts
  • The perfect gift for the sophisticated wearer, for special moments and formal occasions to be remembered fondly
  • Dimensions: 15mm x 20mm x 3mm
  • Weight : 12 g per cufflink

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Jewellery is one of Sven-Holger’s passions. Over time, we developed an appreciation for top craftsmanship and premium gems, metals and materials, combined with discreet, timeless design. Jewellery is art, creativity and passion. Valuables not for ostentatious show, but for remembering special moments.

Traditional double sided cufflinks

The unique partnership in our jewellery workshop with Bentley & Skinner, well-known Bond Street jewellers in London, is based on our common desire to develop unique jewellery for unique moments using traditional craftsmanship. Unlike conventional one-sided cufflinks, fastened with a simple flip-over bar that can at times fail to hold, our cufflinks have two identical sides linked by a chain. While this doubles the amount of precious metals required, it results in a proper look of refinement. Both sides of the cufflinks show a historically inspired turn of the century sportsman in a masculine, minimalist style. The ‘Rider’ cufflinks are dedicated to sledding and its interpretation in an elegant and understated manner. Handcrafted cufflinks for life’s extraordinary moments.

Bentley & Skinner London
Bentley & Skinner

Bentley & Skinner, Jewellers by Royal Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales

Bentley & Skinner

Bentley & Skinner Showroom

Diamond skull Damian Hirst
Construction handmade

Photo: Johnnie Shand Kydd Courtesy Science Ltd © Johnnie Shand Kydd

Diamond Skull Bentley
Diamond skull face for Damian Hirst

"For The Love Of God" Damian Hirst & Bentley & Skinner

Handcrafted by Bentley & Skinner (Bond Street Jewellers) Ltd.

Jewellers by Royal Appointment

We would be delighted to give you our personal advice and to respond to any requests you may have relating to our products, which we can make individually of white gold, yellow gold, rosé gold, silver or platinum and decorate or enhance with the most precious of gems.

Assisted by our advice, we hope you will decide to purchase one of our products – possibly one of the most long-lasting decisions you will ever make. We are therefore here to help and would love to assist you with our professional expertise, where necessary involving advisors who count several generations of kings, queens and artists among their satisfied clientele.

We are pleased to be associated with Bentley & Skinner, Jewellers by Royal Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Bentley & Skinner have been buying and selling the loveliest jewellery since 1880.  Some of their most unique pieces are created by hand in their workshop on premises by master craftsmen, most famously a platinum cast of a skull encrusted with 8601 diamonds and titled ‘For the Love of God’, a production masterpiece created in collaboration with Damien Hirst.

Bentley & Skinner antique and bespoke jewellery shop

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Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box

Original Jewellery Box By Bentley & Skinner

Pouch for buttons

Jeweller's Pouch in Classic Coin Sachet Design

Jeweller's pouch in classic coin sachet design

Jeweller’s pouch in classic coin sachet design

With embroidery and drawstring, made from 100% satin. This convenience pouch is versatile, suitable for travelling or for dust-free storage of valuables.

Linen vintage box

We hand your product over to you in a foldable, linen-covered and embroidered Sven-Holger Vintage 1930s Gift Box, a decorative eye-catcher as a coffee table box that offers plenty of space for your beautiful things.

All in one

Your double sided cufflinks arrive in our foldable (magnet system), linen-covered and embroidered SVEN-HOLGER Vintage Gift Box, a coffee table box with decorative appeal offering plenty of space for beautiful things. A special feature is the 1930s Vintage Skeleton / Cresta Rider photo on the inside lid.