Fur set (3 pieces)

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Individualize yourself with our removable fur collection. A set consists of collar, hood and shoulder fur to take off. Once purchased, these can be attached to any of our jackets via the ‘Detouch’ button row. The back of the furs nestles against your jacket with calfskin. All furs come from Western Europe for animal protection reasons.

In the following you can put together your individual fur set.**

Please note these important instructions when ordering a complete fur set:

In the first step 1. hooded fur you can decide under “Available Options” if you want to order a hooded application. Below you will find a preview of the offer. Please choose a version of the application – fur, fake fur or leather.

To continue, please select the field Collar fur to proceed to the second step 2. Put your Collar Fur on There you can order your individual collar application as in the first step. Then you can use the same procedure in the third step 3. Put your Shoulder Fur on

In the final step 4. REVIEW CONFIGURATION you see your individual configuration of your applications and can add them to your shopping cart to complete your purchase.

**To order individual applications, please choose from the following individual products:

  1. Hooded fur
  2. Collar fur
  3. Shoulder fur


Product dimensions: 60 cm x 20 cm x 6-18 cm
Product Weight: 0,56 kg


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In harsh weather conditions our fur sets protect you from cold, wind and snow.

Our fur sets consist of hooded fur (1), collar fur (2) and shoulder fur (3).

The back of the furs is covered with high-quality and water-resistant cowhide.


For the sustainable use of our furs you can button the hood fur on all F-SIS certified hoods, including Outdoor Parka, Casual Jacket, Blouson and College Jacket.

To order models with adapted furs, please visit the corresponding product pages.

We obtain our furs in the European Union.

Fur Collar (Nr. 1)

Three-part fur set: 1. hooded fur

The hood fur has the task to let snow glide past the face. Unlike fabric, snow rolls off the fur and does not penetrate the jacket or fabric.

Via F-SIS this fur can be attached to the following products: Outdoor Jacket, Casual Jacket, College Jacket, Blouson.

Collar fur (No. 2)

Three-part fur set: 2nd collar fur

The collar fur serves to insulate the sensitive neck area from the cold and to prevent colds.

For example, should you ever need to… transpire on the Cresta race track or during hikes, the fur’s hair lets moisture breathably escape and at the same time gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, without cold wetness accumulating in the neck area.

The collar fur makes the collar area comfortably soft and provides natural protection against the cold.

With our collar fur you can also lastingly upgrade your existing jackets. For this purpose, please have 4 buttons (1.4 cm diameter) sewn into the inside collar at a distance of 8.5 cm from each other.

Shoulder fur (No. 3)

Three-part fur set: 3rd shoulder fur

Our sustainably usable shoulder fur serves to protect the shoulders from snow, wind and weather.

So the shoulders are impregnated, snow glides along the fur and does not penetrate the fabric. Your shoulders are protected. For hunters it protects the jacket on the shoulders when transporting game.

With the buckle on the underside of the fur it can be put around the neck to keep warm.


With our F-SIS system, the shoulder fur can be attached to all products marked with F-SIS and can therefore be used sustainably over generations on tuxedos, cashmere knitted coats, blousons, cashmere sweaters, stoles, cashmere hunting covers, outdoor parka, college jackets and casual jackets.

With our shoulder fur you can also lastingly upgrade your existing jackets. For this purpose, please have 4 buttons (1.4 cm diameter) sewn into the inside collar at a distance of 8.5 cm from each other.