Finest (12gg) S-H Cashmere

495,00  including 19% VAT. Plus delivery.

  • 100% S-H Cashmere
  • finest 12gg knit
  • High quality 26s/2 (stitch count / thread count)
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Delivered in a linen covered gift box
  • Wrapped in a 100% satin bag
  • Embroidery: Macaw
  • Regular fit
  • With F-SIS (FUR-SET INDIVIDUALISATION SYSTEM) buttons for attaching 7 different yoke types (yokes available at additional charge)
  • Measurements: 44cm x 100cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 395g

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The Hunting Cover is the perfect Cashmere Creation to keep you warm all year round for all your personal moments. Whether at the Cresta Run or on the sun terrace in winter, at a barbecue in summer, in the stands for a race, at a reception or an event, on a boat trip or evenings at the beach.

Our breathable and natural 100% S-H Cashmere Hunting Cover guarantees cosy warm comfort.

In creating this garment our creativity was as limitless as your choices in wearing and combining this Hunting Cover. Wear it tucked into or over your trousers, knotted, etc.

You recieve your Hunting Cover with F-SIS (FUR-SET INDIVIDUALISATION SYSTEM) buttons for attaching 7 different yoke types (yokes available at additional charge).

In addition to our classic long sleeve polo pullover and turtleneck we also offer you exceptional wardrobe such as this Hunting Cover.

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S-H Cashmere Hunting Cover

Finest (12gg) S-H Cashmere

395 grams of the softest 100% S-H Cashmere

S-H cashmere is sourced from the best cashmere mills and markets in the world, ideally from the Gobi Desert region in Inner Mongolia. At preferred cashmere markets we select the finest cashmere yarn from the finest weavers for our S-H products.

These pure cashmere fabrics are exceptionally light and breathable. The selection criteria are: soft to the touch, durability and craftsmanship.

For our products we use only fine undercoat wool from selected young Cashmere goats, hand-combed during spring moulting according to centuries-old tradition.

Our Hunting Cover is knitted on traditional machines by a specialist manufacturer. We work wherever possible with small family businesses that have mastered the craft over generations.

Only 150 grams on average of this fluffy wool can be obtained from each animal per year. This modest yield from time-intensive and highly skilled manual labour in remote regions makes cashmere the most valuable wool in the world.

Cashmere Goat Fur
Cashmere Goat

Cashmere Goat

Cashmere fabric closeup

Hair of the Cashmere Goat

Fur application - selection

Natural fur and leather have provided us with natural protection from cold, wind and snow for millennia.

Traditionally sewn onto a thin layer of cowhide, fur yokes are particularly cosy and provide optimum insulation on the sensitive shoulder area.

Your Hunting Cover has a selection of attractive fur yokes to choose from as you desire, giving your Cashmere Creation an individual look.



faux fur rabbit

Faux Fur Rex Look

Faux Fur Yoke

Faux Fur Rex Look

Coyote Fur


Coyote Fur Yoke


Persian Lamb Fur

Persian Lamb

Persian Lamb Yoke

Persian Lamb

Raccoon Fur


Raccoon Fur Yoke


Rex Rabbit Fur

Rex Rabbit

Rex Rabbit Yoke

Rex Rabbit

Mink Fur


Mink Fur Yoke


Cowhide Leather


Cowhide Leather Yoke


Individualisation Fur Yoke - Available At Additional Charge

We love customization - create your own masterpiece

rib knit cuffs

Handover Experience


Small Clothes Bag

100% Satin Bag with 'Rider' embroidery and metal adjustment

100% Satin Bag

Your Hunting Cover is wrapped in a 100% satin bag, which serves as a small laundry bag and can be used to store smaller items of clothing such as shoes (e.g. Cresta racing shoes) or other high-value items.

Linen vintage box

Foldable, linen-covered and embroidered Sven-Holger Vintage Gift Box

All in one.

Our very special gift

We hand your Cashmere Creation over to you in a foldable, linen-covered and embroidered Sven-Holger Vintage 1930s Gift Box, a decorative eye-catcher as a coffee table box that offers plenty of space for your beautiful things.