Skeleton / Cresta Riders Area

Skeleton / Cresta Riders Area

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Several our products such as the “18-Karat White Gold Double Sided Cufflinks” and the “Suvretta Outdoor Parkas” are inspired by the theme of our collection the skeleton sport. As such some of our “Meisterstücke” are branded with the skeleton (bobsled) RIDER as theme logo and not the MACAW Sven-Holger Company Branding.

Starting in February 2017, we will offer selected products in our category COUTURES UNIQUES, which will carry the RIDER logo.

As a valued Cresta Member member, we offer you a premium gift card for your next purchase at Sven-Holger.

Disclaimer: Our use of the skeleton rider symbol/logo is an homage to the skeleton sports in general and embodies the theme of our initial collection. There is no express or implied connection to any particular skeleton sport organization or facility, including the Cresta Sport or the Cresta Run, nor should such be inferred.

Read more about the skeleton sport and experience its history in words and pictures in our 'Online Skeleton Scrapbook'

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