Linen Gift Box
Linen Gift Box

Linen covered vintage XXL coffee table book box

1930s historic sports photo on the inside

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  • Weight: 180g
  • Dimensions: 53 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm
  • 100% linen (black)
  • historic 1930s sports photo in the inside box lid
  • foldable
  • 2 powerful magnets
  • Embroidery

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In the tradition of and with appreciation for the couturier houses of the past, this is the same high-quality, linen-covered Gift Box in which we deliver our masterpieces. For that special moment. With embroidery on the outside and a 1930s historic sports photo on the inside.

Foldable via the ‘Magnetic Touch System’. Also usable for the storage of furs, jackets, etc. to protect them against moths and dust. Use several boxes to sort your garments or store them for the winter.

Likewise, this Gift Box is an eye-catcher for presenting treasured keepsakes in the living room such as children’s photo albums and large-format books.