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Fur Set Individualisation System



Cashmere Parka Raccoon
Fur Set Applications

Raccoon Fur Set consisting of Fur Ruff, Fur Collar, Fur Yoke

Individualisation and lasting use of caps and fur

The F-SIS (Fur Set individualisation System) allows you to instantly adapt your furs to your environment at anytime.

You can attach any of our Fur Sets to any F-SIS certified product via our “Detouch” button system.

Customise your F-SIS certified garment with a wide selection of Fur Set materials depending on the occasion: coyote, raccoon, rabbit, mink, Persian lamb, leather instead of fur, and artificial fur.
For example, once you own a customised Fur Yoke it can be used with any F-SIS garment in our collection whenever you desire, such as the Hunting Cover, Sweater Stole, College Jacket, Casual Jacket, and Outdoor Jacket. Endless adaptability to keep your look unique.

Our jacket Hoods can be used with all our jackets, such as our College Jacket, Casual Jacket and Outdoor Jacket.


5 Layer Ice & Wind Insulation System

5-LIWIS Logo

5 Layer Ice & Wind Insulation System

Elbow protection Cresta
Waterproof breathable

Elbow Protection

Protection from adverse weather conditions

5-Layer Body Insulation Protection


1. Cashmere
2. Waterproof breathable membrane
3. Goose down
4. Waterproof breathable membrane
5. Cotton

5 layers of highest quality materials surround and protect your body from the most adverse weather conditions.

The 7-ply ‘Cresta Kiss’ protects you at the elbow.


System for Quick Hanging

SureSnap Logo
Carabiner for Car Keys
SureSnap wardrobe carabiner
Wardrobe Carabiner

Carabiners for Car Keys and Quick Hanging

Clip on - Clip off

The 1616 work ‘Art of War on Horseback’ by the military writer Johann Jakob von Wallhausen device revealed an easy way for cavalry soldiers to carry their guns. This small closable hook has travelled a triumphal course since then.

Today it is known as a carabiner and is indispensible for climbing, diving and air sports due to its ability to securely fasten materials, in addition to its use as jewellery and design element.

This simple but ingenious invention is used a number of times in each Suvretta Outdoor Parka. First, as a clever pocket carabiner system that keeps your ski pass and keys at your fingertips. Losing your keys during sports or après-ski is a thing of the past.

Second, as a removable SureSnap wardrobe carabiner (‘clip on – clip off’) in the shape of a clothes hook. Now you can easily and conveniently get to your jacket at the lodge even when other coats are stacked in front of yours

Loro Piana® Storm System® Cashmere

Symbiosis of the world's finest Cashmere and high-tech water resistance

Cashmere goat Mongolia
Cashmere Goat

Loro Piana® Cashmere

The finest lots of precious fibre

Loro Piana is the largest cashmere and baby cashmere manufacturer in the western world.

The finest lots of this precious fibre come from Northern China and Mongolia, where Loro Piana has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Ulaan Baatar.

This guarantees Loro Piana’s direct presence in the markets and a privileged and personal relationship with suppliers – in this case, the rugged goatherds who breed Hircus goats.

Cashmere comes from the undercoat of these small and extraordinary animals.

Inner Mongolia Map
Cashmere Goat Fur

The softest and finest fibres

In order to survive in their hostile habitat, through harsh winters and torrid summers, Hircus goats have developed a downy undercoat beneath their longer and rougher outer hair that consists of the softest and finest fibres with an average diameter of about 14.5 microns. Their countless tiny intervening spaces reduce thermal osmosis to a minimum.

Once a year in spring, when the weather is milder, the goatherds harvest this undercoat by means of a delicate combing procedure that is totally harmless to the animals.

About 250 grams of this undercoat is obtained from each animal every year which, after the coarser outer fibres are removed, becomes no more than 100 grams. That is why cashmere is so precious, although its value is also further increased by the difficulties in obtaining and controlling the fibre.

Cashmere fabric closeup

Superior Quality

Loro Piana buys only the best and finest cashmere, at the end of a long and fascinating journey across boundless plains between April and May each year.

The long and complex buying process lasts for more than a month, at the end of which the bales coming from Mongolia are transported to Ulaan Baatar, where they are checked in the laboratory and undergo the first phases of transformation into exquisite textiles – dehairing and washing.

The Chinese bales are meticulously checked in the laboratory in Beijing, and it is only when all this is complete that the purest and finest bales are sent for subsequent refinement to Italy, where Loro Piana owns the largest laboratory in the world for analyzing and controlling cashmere quality.

The cashmere that reaches Loro Piana’s own standards of excellence is then transformed into superior quality yarns, fabrics, accessories, garments and knitwear, all of which is produced through a combination of sophisticated technology, a profound knowledge of textiles and a lifelong commitment to achieving the highest possible quality in the final product.

water resistant fabric

Waterproof and wind resistant

Storm System® is the registered Loro Piana mark indicating natural fabrics that have been made totally waterproof and wind resistant by combining natural fibres with the most advanced technology in a perfect synthesis of style and function.

Storm System® consists of a double barrier: the water-repellent Rain System®, and the exclusive hydrophilic membrane that is windproof, resistant to water, and allows the skin to breathe.

Rain System® treatment ensures that drops of water slide on the surface of the fabric, enhancing its impermeability and protecting it against dust, dirt and liquid stains.

front pocket

Absolute transpirability optimal wind protection

The thin and extremely light micromolecular and microporous absorbent membrane is applied to the back of the fabric. Exploiting the principle of osmosis, the aqueous vapour produced by perspiration wicks outwards while humidity in the surrounding environment is prevented from entering. This guarantees absolute transpirability and provides optimal wind protection.

Storm System® treated fabrics are used for the wide range of iconic garments custom-designed by Loro Piana to respond to the needs of active men and women.

Storm System® provides the wearer with clothing that is warm yet light, versatile and comfortable, as well as suitable for confronting the most different climates with style and grace: windcheaters, casual jackets and overcoats designed to be worn in the city, during leisure moments and when travelling, fashioned using the noblest fibres made waterproof and wind resistant without losing any of their distinctive softness, in a perfect combination of select quality and practicality.

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