Parka back view cotton side with hood
Blue-Coloured Cashmere-lined iPad size pocket



5.900,00  including 19% VAT. Plus delivery.

German Design Award Winner 2018 for Excellent Product Design | Luxury Goods

  • Reversible Parka – single piece production customized to your specifications
  • NOTE: The choice of colour for the cashmere side is yours. The cotton side is Olive Green. Our Atelier is at your disposal for personal consultation regarding colour selection.
  • On our product pictures we show our parka with a Dark Blue Loro Piana Cashmere side and a Olive Green cotton side.
  • First side of the jacket: your choice from the Loro Piana fabric and colour swatch books, e.g. Overcoats Collezione 654 – 100% Cashmere (480-520 g/m²) – equipped with the patented Loro Piana Storm & Rain System®
  • Second side of the jacket: Olive Green, softest 100% cotton (230 g/m²)
  • Filling: 100% goose down (650 in³/oz)
  • Equipped with detachable Mink Fur Set (Ruff, Collar, adjustable Yoke)
  • Detachable goose down-filled hood
  • An F-SIS (FUR-SET INDIVIDUALISATION SYSTEM) Certified Product. Individualisation options are available for compatible products such as F-SIS Fur Ruffs, Collars and Yokes in seven types of fur, faux fur and leather (at additional cost). Order your options here.
  • 5-LAYER ICE & WIND INSULATION SYSTEM (5-LIWIS) – glacier-tested
  • ‘CRESTA KISS‘ (7-layer) elbow protection
  • 4 cashmere-lined pockets in iPad/iPad Air/Air 2 format (max. 9.7 inches)
  • 2 ammunition-style pockets with detachable carabiners for securing your car keys
  • 1 multifunction pocket (3 in 1) with separate compartments for mobile phone, coins and keys
  • 2 individually adjustable drawstrings for thermal insulation (waist, hips)
  • Extra long jacket to keep you comfortable and dry when sitting with the drawstring pulled tight
  • Twin XXL main zippers suitable for use with winter gloves
  • Detachable coat hanger carabiner (S-H SURESNAP certified)
  • Personalised name label (calfskin leather)
  • Massive XL wooden atelier hanger with velvet-covered trouser rail
  • 100% cotton XL garment bag with elaborate embroidery and XL zipper
  • 100% satin XL travel bag with elaborate embroidery and metal adjusters
  • 2 cashmere handkerchiefs (20x20cm)
  • Calfskin luggage tag
  • The ‘Rider‘ sculpture key fob
  • Fabric-covered 1930s vintage XXL coffee table book box
  • Free inspection and dry cleaning after 5 years
  • Product Weight: 3,5kg (including Mink Fur Set)
  • Product Measurements: 100cm x 62cm x 10cm

  • F-SIS Logo
  • Sure Snap Logo
  • 5-LIWIS Logo
  • Loro Piana Logo

* This delivery time is valid only for standard delivery within Germany. For delivery times for other shipping methods or delivery times to other countries please click on Shipping Conditions


We had a Vision: to design and bring to life the perfect cashmere outdoor parka. An outdoor parka that gives you warmth, comfort, and protection from the elements. An outdoor parka that is distinctive and rugged, functional and durable. An outdoor parka that decisively expresses your individuality.

For the individualist who takes the time and has the vision to create a distinctive Suvretta Outdoor Parka with his preferred colour preferences. Custom-made for you.

Our Inspiration: one of the oldest, most exclusive, and most dangerous winter sports in the Swiss Alps: the ‘Cresta Run’. Here is where sled racing first began.

Experience Momentum: a reversible parka in 100% water-resistant Loro Piana Cashmere – the choice of colour is yours, outfitted with their patented Storm System & Rain System ® – and 100% cotton, equipped with our Mink Fur Set, goose down and calfskin, with removable hood and multifunction pockets.

You can easily swap the furs on your outdoor parka at any time thanks to our F-SIS (Fur-Set Individualisation System), allowing you to swiftly adapt to your environment.

Customise your parka with additional Fur Sets for timeless flexibility. Choose according to the occasion: Raccoon, Coyote, Rex Rabbit, Persian Lamb, artificial fur, and leather instead of fur.

Our Atélier is available for personalised consultation:

  • customised buttons, materials, anodized zippers, fox fur, etc.
  • customisation for company and team outfitting, anniversary gifts, children’s sizes, plus sizes and women’s sizes

Contact us for Personalised Consultation.

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Our masterpiece - German Design Award Winner 2018

Made in Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

Attention to Detail - up close and personal with vibrant tradition and innovative technology. The choice of colour for the cashmere side is yours. In the following product experience we show the Loro Piana Cashmere Parka with a Cosmos Black cashmere side and the Olive Green cotton side.

German Design Award Winner 2018 Excellent Product Design | Luxury Goods

To accommodate our customers we created the following product experience for you, focussed and up-close in magazine style. Lean back and take time to acquaint yourself with the masterpiece of our collection.


Loro Piana Fabrics Overcoat Sport
Loro Piana Fabric & Colour Swatch Books
Loro Piana Overcoat Fabrics Book
Overcoats Collezione 654
Loro Piana Overcoat Fabrics
Overcoats Collezione 654 - Close Up
Loro Piana Sport Fabrics Book
Loro Piana - Sports Fabrics
Loro Piana Sport Fabrics
Loro Piana - Sports Fabrics - Close Up

Cashmere Side

Your choice from the Loro Piana fabric and colour swatch books

  • Overcoats Collezione 64 (50 fabric & colour types)
    • 100% Cashmere (480-520 g/m2)
    • 90% Wool & 10% Cashmere (590 g/m2)
    • 100% New Zealand Merino Wool (550 g/m2)
    • 100% Merino Wool (530-720 g/m2)
    • 100% New Zealand Wool (490-550 g/m2)
    • 100% Superfine Wool (580-600 g/m2)
    • 100% Wool (560-600 g/m2)
    • 100% Merino Wool Natural Colour (530 g/m2)
    • 100% Baby Camel Hair (480-500 g/m2)
  • High Tenacity (30 fabric & colour types)
    • 100% Wool (320-450 g/m2)

Our Atélier is at your disposal for personal consultation regarding colour selection

'Like Father, Like Son'

Sven-Holger Brand & Product Film

The Outdoor Parka Film - A tribute to the sled sport, its protagonists, and freedom.

Let yourself be spellbound. The dreamy backdrop of Wind & Ice Testing Weeks was overwhelming, inspiring us with its untouched nature and majestic mountain scenery to produce ‘Like Father, Like Son’.


Piz Nair Symbol

“The skeleton originated in St. Moritz, Switzerland, as a spinoff of the popular British sport called Cresta sledding. The Cresta Run has been two times “host” for the skeleton sport at Olympics in St. Moritz. Although skeleton “sliders” use equipment similar to that of Cresta ‘riders’, the two sports are different: while skeleton is run on the same track used by bobsleds and luge, Cresta is run on Cresta-specific sledding tracks only.”

Cresta St. Moritz
Cresta Run Winners Trophy

140 Kilometers per hour

Breakneck top speeds

These fearless athletes reach breakneck speeds of up to 140 kilometres per hour. The demands on people and clothing are enormous. One of the most famous ‘Riders’ was the German-Swiss photographer and art collector Gunter Sachs, whose life and lifestyle was closely entwined with St. Moritz society.

Limited Edition calfskin label
Limited Edition Label


Limited to 250 pieces

S-H Limited Edition No. 1 - Midnight Black / Olive Green

Your personalised Limited Edition Number (e.g.’4 of 250’) is certified with a calfskin label. You can also personalise your jacket with your name on the label – Like Father, Like Son.

Parka cashmere Mink Fur Set
Midnight Black 100% Loro Piana Cashmere Side

Mink Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Women's Parka cotton leather collar
Olive Green 100% Race Cotton Side

Quilted Mink Fur Set

Reversible Parka - Two in One

Choose your look, then accessorise with detachable fur combinations (available separately).

Reversibility and detachable accessories keep you fit for any occasion – whether at the Cresta Run (Olive Green cotton side) or at festive events (Midnight Black cashmere side).

  • Midnight Black Cashmere Side

    The cashmere side is distinctive with its understated matte appearance, traditional, sporty design and functionality.

    Wearing comfort at the highest level. The first parka accepted at ballroom events – stylishly enhancing your tuxedo look.

  • Olive Green Cotton Side

    The quilted cotton racing side is characterized by particularly high aerodynamics. It is the streamlined alternative to the cashmere side.

    The cotton side was developed in conjunction with sports experts and is suitable for high loads in winter sports, with purist design and windproof covered zippers.

    Particular attention was paid to creating highly flexible shoulder applications that allow the arms to be effortlessly raised. This is essential when ‘Riders’ give the required signal to the tower before the race and when piloting a skeleton, among others.

5-LIWIS Logo

5-Layer Ice & Wind System

5-LIWIS - 5 Layer Ice & Wind System

5-Layer Body Insulation Protection


1. Cashmere
2. Waterproof breathable membrane
3. Goose down
4. Waterproof breathable membrane
5. Cotton

5 layers of highest quality materials surround and protect your body from adverse weather conditions.

The 7-ply ‘Cresta Kiss’ protects you at the elbow.

Sewing And classic craftsmanship
World class sartorial artistry - 48 hours for each Masterpiece

Traditional natural raw materials and world class sartorial artistry

For the health of our customers and tailors we avoid petroleum based materials such as polyester, synthetic leather, etc. wherever possible.

We offer faux fur individualisation at additional charge upon customer request.

Here is a detailed description of your outdoor parka’s natural raw materials: cashmere, cotton, goose down, calfskin and fur:

Cashmere goat Mongolia
The Cashmere Goat


Intimately connected with a living tradition and innovative technology - made in Italy

Experience Momentum: a reversible parka in 100% Midnight Black water-resistant Loro Piana Cashmere – outfitted with their patented Storm System & Rain System ®

Loro Piana is the largest cashmere and baby cashmere manufacturer in the western world.


Waterproof and wind resistant

Storm System® is the registered Loro Piana mark indicating natural fabrics that have been made totally waterproof and wind resistant by combining natural fibres with the most advanced technology in a perfect synthesis of style and function.

Storm System® consists of a double barrier: the water-repellent Rain System®, and the exclusive hydrophilic membrane that is windproof, resistant to water, and allows the skin to breathe.

Rain System® treatment ensures that drops of water slide on the surface of the fabric, enhancing its impermeability and protecting it against dust, dirt and liquid stains.

Absolute transpirability optimal wind protection

The thin and extremely light micromolecular and microporous absorbent membrane is applied to the back of the fabric. Exploiting the principle of osmosis, the aqueous vapour produced by perspiration wicks outwards while humidity in the surrounding environment is prevented from entering. This guarantees absolute transpirability and provides optimal wind protection.

Storm System® treated fabrics are used for the wide range of iconic garments custom-designed by Loro Piana to respond to the needs of active men and women.

Storm System® provides the wearer with clothing that is warm yet light, versatile and comfortable, as well as suitable for confronting the most different climates with style and grace: windcheaters, casual jackets and overcoats designed to be worn in the city, during leisure moments and when travelling, fashioned using the noblest fibres made waterproof and wind resistant without losing any of their distinctive softness, in a perfect combination of select quality and practicality.

Cashmere Goat Fur
Cashmere Hair
Finest Cashmere
Cashmere Fabric

The hair of the Cashmere goat

Cashmere wool comes from the hair of the Cashmere goat. This fine and ultra soft fibre is obtained not by shearing but by hand combing and hand collecting the hair shed by the Cashmere goat during spring moulting.

Only 150 to 200 grams of this fluffy wool can be obtained from each animal per year. This modest yield from time-intensive and highly skilled manual labour in remote regions makes cashmere the most valuable wool in the world.

Cotton plant
Cotton - natural raw material


A natural raw material consisting of pure fibres harvested from the cotton plant.

Cotton fibre is naturally soft and friendly to the skin.

Due to its high frictional and tear resistance the cotton side is suitable for racing.

230 g /m² cotton for maximum comfort.

  • breathable and soft to the touch
  • heat insulating
  • virtually no static charge
  • can withstand high (bactericidal) temperatures
  • high frictional and tear resistance, especially in wet /damp conditions
  • can absorb up to 65% of its own weight in moisture
Finest Goose Down
Goose Down - natural raw material

Goose Down

Natural Raw Material

Our 650 in³/oz pure goose down filling in stitched quilted chambers provides exceptional thermal insulation.

The heat to weight ratio of down is higher than that of synthetic insulation. Furthermore down is less compressible.

  • Quality

    The higher the down quality, the more effective the insulation. 350 grams of the finest down envelop you.

  • Function

    Down is surrounded by a hydrophilic membrane. This allows moisture to freely evaporate away from the body, simultaneously regulating body heat and making the parka waterproof and windproof.
    The combination of these elements provides a highly effective 5-layer thermal layer system (5-LIWIS) that accompanies you across a wide temperature range even in extreme situations such as racing conditions.

Women's Parka cashmere Mink Fur
Parka Individualisation

Cashmer Side including Mink Fur Set

Detachable fur and leather applications

Fur & Leather - Traditional Natural Raw Materials

Furs and leather have offered natural protection against cold, wind and snow for centuries.

The Sven-Holger Suvretta Outdoor Parka features custom fur ruffs, yokes, and collars which can be mixed, affixed and detached as desired to give you a new look.

Traditionally sewn onto a thin cowhide layer, the furs are especially supple and provide maximum insulation at the sensitive head and shoulder area. All other leather parts of the jacket are crafted from calfskin.


FUR-SET INDIVIDUALISATION SYSTEMYou can attach any of our Fur Sets to any F-SIS certified product via our "Detouch" button system. You can attach your mink fur yoke to your Cashmere Hunting Cover.

Women's Parka Mink Fur Set
Fur Set

1. Fur Ruff
2. Fur Collar
3. Fur Yoke

Women's Parka Mink Fur Ruff
1. Fur Ruff

The Fur Ruff is designed to keep falling snow away from the face. Furthermore, the snow beads on the surface of the fur, in contrast to woven material, allowing it to shed more and absorb less.

As an S-H F-SIS (Fur Set Individualisation System) Certified Product, the Fur Ruff is custom tailored for attachment compatibility with the following jackets: Outdoor Jacket, Casual Jacket, College Jacket, and Bomber Jacket.

Women's Parka Mink Fur Collar
2. Fur Collar

The Fur Collar protects the sensitive neck region from the elements, provides a soft feel and keeps you from catching cold.

If you find yourself perspiring on the Cresta Run or while hiking, for example, the hairs of your Fur Collar will shed moisture, preventing cold dampness from accumulating in the neck region while simultaneously providing a pleasent warmth.

You can also attach your Fur Collar to other jackets in your wardrobe. Simply have your tailor sew 4 buttons, each 1.4 cm in diameter, 8.5 cm apart on the inside collar.

Women's Parka Mink Fur Ruff
3. Fur Yoke

Our durable fur yokes are designed to last generations. They are used around the neck and shoulders to protect you from the snow, wind and rain.

Each yoke is specially impregnated to allow snow and rain to bead on the surface – shedding without absorbing.

The yoke features a back buckle so that in chilly weather it can be drawn snugly around the neck, delivering extra comfort and protection from the elements.

Our fur yokes are perfect for hunters, providing jacket protection when carrying game across the shoulders.

The fur yoke is an S-H F-SIS (Fur Set Individualisation System) Certified Product, custom tailored for attachment compatibility with all products bearing the F-SIS Logo; e.g. Tuxedo, Cashmere Knitted Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Cashmere Stole, Cashmere Hunting Cover, Outdoor Parka, College Jacket, Casual Jacket, and many more to come.

You can also attach your fur yokes to other jackets in your wardrobe. Simply have your tailor sew 4 buttons, each 1.4 cm in diameter, 8.5 cm apart on the inside collar.


We love customisation - Create your own masterpiece

Individualisation concept – the Outdoor Parka in the Limited Edition 1 Series is outfitted with a three-piece Mink Fur Set consisting of:

1. Fur Ruff
2. Fur Collar
3. Fur Yoke

For more variety we offer Coyote, Persian Lamb, Rex Rabbit, and Raccoon, as well as real leather or faux fur on request at additional charge.

The F-SIS (Fur Set individualisation System) allows you to instantly adapt your outdoor parka furs to your environment at anytime.

You can attach any of our Fur Sets to any F-SIS certified product via our “Detouch” button system.

All our furs are sourced in Western Europe in accordance with strict EU animal protection regulations.

TIP: Choose your individual Fur Set here

Mink Fur
Mink Fur

Jeder Parka wird mit Pelzset Nerz übergeben (Schulterpelz, Kragenpelz, Kapuzenpelz)

Mink Fur Set
Mink Fur Set

Mink Fur Set (Fur Ruff, Fur Collar, Fur Yoke)

Suvretta Outdoor Parka für Damen
Cashmere Side with Mink Fur Set

Cashmere Side Fur Set (Fur Ruff, Fur Collar, Fur Yoke)

Women's Parka Mink Fur Set
Cashmere Side with Mink Fur Set

Cotton Side Fur Set (Fur Ruff, Fur Collar, Fur Yoke)

Women's Parka Mink Fur Set

Fur Yoke Mink,

Mink Fur Set

Limited Edition 1 - Midnight Black - with Mink Fur Set included at no additional charge

Coyote Fur
Coyote Fur

Coyote Fur Set

Coyote Fur Set
Coyote Fur Set

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Suvretta Outdoor Parka für Damen
Cashmere Side Fur Set Coyote

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar

Coyote Fur Set

Additional charge

Rex Rabbit Fur
Rex Rabbit Fur Set

Rex Rabbit Fur Set

Rabbit Fur Set
Rex Rabbit Fur Set

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Outdoor Parka Rabbit Ruff Collar
Cashmere Side Rex Rabbit Fur Set

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Suvretta Outdoor Parka für Damen
Cotton Side Rex Rabbit Fur Set

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Rex Rabbit Fur Set (Black)

Additional charge

Raccoon Fur
Raccoon Fur Set

Raccoon Fur Set

Raccoon Fur Set
Raccoon Fur Set

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Suvretta Outdoor Parka für Damen
Cashmere Side (Raccoon Fur Set)

Fur Collar, Fur Yoke

Suvretta Outdoor Parka für Damen
Cotton Side Raccoon Fur Set

Fur Collar, Fur Yoke


Additional charge

Persian Lamb Fur
Persian Lamb

Persian Lamb Fur

Persianer Pelzset
Persian Lamb Fur Set

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Persian Lamb Fur Set

Additional charge

Cowhide Leather

Our Atelier uses only genuine leather, predominantly finest calfskin of the highest quality and durability.

Leather Set

Leather Ruff, Leather Collar, Leather Yoke

Outdoor Parka Mink Ruff Collar
Leather Set

Leather Collar

Genuine Cowhide instead of Fur

Additional charge

faux fur rabbit
Faux Fur

Rex Rabbit Faux Fur

Faux Fur Set
Faux Fur Rex Rabbit Look

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Women's Casual Jacket Faux Rabbit
Cotton Side Faux Fur Set Rex Rabbit Look

Fur Yoke, Fur Collar, Fur Ruff

Rex Rabbit Faux Fur Set

Additional charge

Atélier For Individualisation

Unique Products

Logo Atélier Sven-Holger


Our goal is to best meet the individual needs of a small group of customers.

For immediate needs we offer a very small number of pre-configured products in our studio.

Should you require customisation, we will advise you through our personal service or meet you over tea at Soho House Berlin.

We are happy to fulfil your special requests such as:

  • Design changes – cutting & contouring
  • Choice of colours – match your car or company colours
  • Unusual real and faux furs – Fox, Ostrich Leather or our exquisite Stingray Leather
  • A variety of button styles and colours
  • XXL anodized zippers in gold, black or silver finish
  • Zippers with your company logo or family crest
  • co-branding with your company logo as leather sticker
  • outer material selection such as cashmere, merino, wool, cotton, stingray leather, calfskin, ostrich leather and other leathers or furs 6

Additional charges apply.

Unique Features

Efficient performance is the interaction of powerful features.

Jumbo Twin Zippers
Easy operation with gloved or ungloved hands even in the freezing cold.

Main zippers with leather grip

Race start. Snowdrifts. Icy cold. Adrenaline.

Total concentration, safety, perfection and equipment count. The clock is running – and not just during the race.

Feature 1

Thanks to their dual-layer stacked structure, the twin XXL double zippers keep cold outside air from penetrating, preserving body heat while racing.

Feature 2

Easy operation with gloved or ungloved hands even in the freezing cold. Thanks to large, non-slip calfskin tags, the zippers can be easily opened and closed even in hectic situations and cold conditions.

Adjustable drawstring waist

Individually adjustable

Drawstring waist hips

Effectively blocking the wind


You determine the contours of your jacket and its wind permeability.

Feature 3

Individually adjustable drawstrings at the waist and the thigh line allow the parka to be pulled snugly against the body, effectively blocking the wind.

Elbow protection Cresta
7-Layer Elbow Protection " Cresta Kiss"

7-Layer Elbow Protection

‘Cresta Kiss’

7-layer Elbow ProtectionTo satisfy a customer’s request we were inspired by the so-called ‘Cresta Kiss’.

Feature 4

A kiss may sound gentle, but there’s more to a Cresta Kiss than that.

Due to the rapid manoeuvring needed to negotiate the tight curves on the track, a driver (‘Rider’) repeatedly bangs his elbow against the frozen solid track walls, risking serious injury.

Since elbows are exposed to extreme danger not only on the ice track, but also in normal falls, we outfitted this portion of the parka with an extra-strength 7-layered protective layer.

waterproof emulsion sealed
Unique Special Finish

Final Handwork

Feature 5

Last but not least, this special detail: Each of our Sven-Holger Suvretta Outdoor Parkas gets a unique special finish before delivery.

We seal each relevant seam by hand with a waterproof emulsion, providing reliable protection against moisture and dirt. Designed with future generations in mind.

iPad cotton pocket
Cotton Side: Cashmere lined pockets in iPad format

max. 9.7” iPad Air / Air 2

iPad size pocket
Cashmere Side: Cashmere lined pockets in iPad format

max. 9.7” iPad Air / Air 2

hidden zipper insulation
Concealed pocket in iPad format

Concealed zippers

Multifunction pocket
Anti-scratch functional pocket (3 in 1)

Separate mobile phone, coin and key compartment

Functional Pockets

Particularly suitable for Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

Feature 6

In developing our parkas many volunteers expressed a desire for additional storage space for longer adventures. We are happy to comply:

  • 4 cashmere lined pockets in iPad format (max. 9.7” iPad Air / Air 2)
  • 2 pockets with concealed zippers
  • 2 ammo-style pockets with detachable carabiner for securing your car key
  • 1 anti-scratch functional pocket (3 in 1) with separate mobile phone, coin and key compartment
iPad Front Pocket
Carabiner for car keys and other objects.

iPad pocket Carabiner for car keys and other objects.

SureSnap wardrobe carabiner
SureSnap Logo

Exceptional Triumph

The Carabiner

Feature 7

Carabiner for car keys and other objects.

The 1616 work ‘Art of War on Horseback’ by the military writer Johann Jakob von Wallhausen device revealed an easy way for cavalry soldiers to carry their guns. This small closable hook has travelled a triumphal course since then.

Today it is known as a carabiner and is indispensible for climbing, diving and air sports due to its ability to securely fasten materials, in addition to its use as a jewellery and design element.

This simple but ingenious invention is used in each Suvretta Outdoor Parka as a clever pocket carabiner system that keeps your ski pass and keys at your fingertips. Losing your keys during sports or après-ski is a thing of the past.

Suvretta Outdoor Parka für Damen
Parka with detached hood and Fur
Women's Parka cashmere Mink Fur
Parka with hood and fur attached
Baumwoll Outdoor Jacket
Parka with hood attached
Women's Parka Mink Fur Set
Cotton Side. Parka with hood and mink fur attached

Personalisation - Detachable Hood


Function 8

For racing or on warmer days you can easily remove the hood. The hood can also be worn with all our F-SIS products such as the Casual Jacket, the College Jacket, and the Stole.

We Care

Old values revived. We want to celebrate the handover experience in style and with the values of past couture houses. This includes the following classics:

  • Solid S-H Atélier Clothes Hanger

    Designer Wooden Hanger

    Our flagship is complemented with a solid S-H Atelier Clothes Hanger made of real wood with velvet trouser rail.

  • Satin Bag with Metal Slider and Embroidery

    Satin Clothing Bag

    Your accessoires are compactly packaged for shipment in an embroidered Sven-Holger 100% Satin Clothing Bag with Drawstring which can be used as a high quality laundry or garment bag.

  • Satin Button and Travel Pouch


    We provide spare buttons for your parka in a pouch made of 100% satin with drawstring and embroidery. It is the perfect small item convenience Travel Pouch for trips.

  • Studio Hanging Tag

    Metal Hang Tag

    The massive Studio Hanging Tag is a salute to our Berlin studio, useful as a paperweight or bookmark in your house.

  • Calfskin Luggage Tag

    As a token of our appreciation you get an exclusive calfskin Sven-Holger Luggage Tag that helps you get your Suvretta Outdoor Parka back if you ever leave it behind in the lodge.

  • 'Rider' Key Fob

    Key chain with ‘Rider’ sculpture

    In the left ammo-style pocket you get a filigreed ‘Rider’ Keychain, compliments of our Atélier.

  • 2 Handy Cashmere Handkerchiefs


    We thank you for your loyalty with two high quality 20x20cm Handy Cashmere Handkerchiefs in pure S-H cashmere with a calfskin label. Use them on trips, on the ski slopes and during sports as a faithful companion at your side.

  • Inspection & Dry Clean

    Inspection & Dry Cleaning – Free Inspection and Dry Cleaning after 5 years

Garment Bag
XL Atélier Garment Bag

XL Zipper in chrome finish

XL Atélier Garment Bag Embroidery

Macaw Embroidery

Kleidersack aus Baumwolle
XL Atélier Garment Bag

100% Cotton


XL Atélier Garment Bag

We deliver your Loro Piana Cashmere Suvretta Outdoor Reversible Parka – Colour Selection wrapped in our 100% cotton garment bag to protect it from dust.

The garment bag is furnished with an XL Zipper in chrome finish for an exceptionally elegant look.

It is roomy enough for additional pieces. We recommend storing your garment in this garment bag when not in use and when not stored at your furrier.

Our very special Gift

All in one. We hand your Reversible Suvretta S-H Cashmere Outdoor Parka - Loro Piana Cashmere Colour Selection over to you in a linen-covered and embroidered Sven-Holger Vintage 1930s XXL Gift Box, a decorative eye-catcher as a coffee table box that offers plenty of space for your beautiful things.

Linen Gift Box

Sven-Holger XXL vintage Giftbox