Fur Collar for F-SIS Certified Products

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  • outer material: choice of fur, leather or faux fur
  • backing: cowhide
  • leather colour: Cosmos Black
  • water-resistant
  • crafted by a small European family business whose mastery spans generations
  • produced in accordance with the strict animal protection regulations of the European Union
  • S-H F-SIS (Fur Set Individualization System) Certified Product
  • custom tailored for attachment compatibility with all products bearing the F-SIS Logo
  • Measurements: 45 cm x 13 cm x 2-6 cm
  • Weight: 0,165 kg

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The Fur Collar protects the sensitive neck region from the elements, provides a soft feel and keeps you from catching cold.

If you find yourself perspiring on the Cresta Run or while hiking, for example, the hairs of your Fur Collar will shed moisture, preventing cold dampness from accumulating in the neck region while simultaneously providing a pleasant warmth.

To order garments with Fur Collar attached please see all S-H F-SIS (Fur Set Individualization System) Certified Product pages.

You can also attach your Fur Collar to other jackets in your wardrobe. Simply have your tailor sew 4 buttons, each 1.4 cm in diameter, 8.5 cm apart on the inside collar.

Small Clothes Bag

100% Satin Bag with Macaw embroidery and metal adjustment

We hand your Fur Collar over to you in a 100% satin bag