The Berlin luxury studio SVEN-HOLGER presents its Summer Collection 2019 at the PREMIUM Berlin Fashion Fair.

“At the centre of our exhibition is a ‘Sneak Peek’ preview of the flagship of our new collection – the Suvretta Cotton Reversible Parka, the summer version of our German Design Award Winner 2018 Cashmere Parka*”, explains designer Sven-Holger.

The Suvretta Cotton Reversible Parka impresses with maximum functionality, natural materials such as 100% organic cotton and modern elegance in a limited edition. It differs from its winter counterpart by using lighter materials in the same design. Instead of warm cashmere and goose down, the summer version consists of cooler, breathable, highest quality 100% organic cotton.

SVEN-HOLGER is looking for a maximum of five exclusive multi-franchise upper segment worldwide retailers at the PREMIUM Berlin Fashion Fair.

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